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As training director for the Sauk Prairie Ambulance Association, Darling has trained every EMT with the service and is highly respected throughout the area for his knowledge of patient care
Kenneth Davenport is always willing to step in and help coworkers
When Tim Hearn became executive director of Ft. Smith EMS, the service was on the verge of bankruptcy, but within four years he had turned the agency completely around
For the most part, the protocols of today are quite remarkable compared to the mother-may-I model of the early days of EMS.
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While almost anyone can take a complaint, there is much more to it than just writing down a person's name, address, the location of the incident, and summing up the allegation in a few sentences.
Pregnancy complications can threaten lives
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How North Carolina’s busiest EMS agency handled its regular duties and the 2012 Democratic National Convention
Founded in 1972, Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Medical Service has, from its beginning, been a true community enterprise
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