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EMS World January 2015

The January issue features articles on strategic planning for MIH-CP programs, paramedic program educator workload, surgical airway management, the evidence behind endotracheal intubation and apneic oxygenation.

Mike Rubin
When you're needed, don't turn a blind eye
James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP
With patients’ airways or the skies above, keep control of your scene.
Scott Cravens, EMT
There is a sense that better times are ahead for the prehospital profession
Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD
What does all the evidence really say about ETI before the hospital?
Remle P. Crowe BS, NREMT
NREMT and NAEMSE conduct national assessment of paramedic educator workload and resources.
Kevin T. Collopy, BA, FP-C, CCEMT-P, NR-P, CMTE, WEMT
Surgical airway placement is indicated when you cannot intubate, cannot ventilate and cannot maintain a SpO2 above 90%.
Russ Brown, NREMT-P
A novel approach to preoxygenating the high-risk patient
Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, NREMT
When there’s suddenly pressure, how can you get a mobile integrated healthcare program up and running?
Rob Lawrence
How to improve organizational performance and deliver clinical excellence.
Nancy Perry
Yearlong series will provide a toolkit for agencies considering implementing MIH-CP programs.
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