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EMS World June 2015


This issue puts the spotlight on EMS education with articles on how technology is transforming continuing education, top tips for interviewing EMS students and why research is key to the future of EMS education and training.

Mike Rubin
EMS isn’t for everyone. Neither is teaching.
James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP
What’s the key to recognizing an overheating patient in danger?
CECBEMS Board of Directors
How technology is changing the way we deliver continuing education
John Erich
Q&A with CECBEMS Executive Director Jay Scott
Mike Rubin
What are the keys to making it productive?
Mario J. Weber, JD, MPA, NRP
We need that evidence base, and here’s how you can help develop it.
Should EMS agencies continue to design systems around response-time goals?
Ed Mund, BA, FF/EMT
Roles for ultrasound in prehospital cardiac care
Scott R. Snyder, BS, NREMT-P
How to recognize and treat this life-threatening complication of pregnancy.
Thom Dunn, NRP, PhD
Some may wish to decline needed care—should you allow it?
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