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EMS World November 2015


This issue puts the spotlight on safety with articles on how a prevention program reduced employee injuries and how to develop a safety management system. Additional content focuses on international MIH-CP programs, patient restraint and border response.

Mike Rubin
What’s the best way to evaluate performance and help workers improve?
Joseph J. Kolb, MA
The elite BORSTAR search and rescue team provides care for all in need.
James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP
An EMT’s rapport is key when an elderly patient becomes upset.
Nasco’s Life/form simulator brings realism to practice.
Peter O'Meara, PhD
What we can learn from programs in Australia and Canada.
Better techniques and stretching can reduce employee injuries.
Lucas Wimmer
Mac's Lift Gate's Bariatric Lift Unit can lift up to 1,300 pounds.
Philip Chan, MD
Does the evidence demonstrate a true benefit to ACCDs with cardiac arrest victims?
Lucas Wimmer
Bound Tree Medical’s Medstorm Multi-Function Defibrillator Pads come with a variety of features making them easier to use.
Lucas Wimmer
Quantum EMS’ ACR-4 child restraint system can handle children anywhere from 4 to 99 pounds.
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