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EMS World October 2015


This month we focus on airway management, looking at alternative airways and how to take the fear out of RSI. Additional content focuses on just-in-time stock control, best practices for patient interviews and rural MIH-CP program development.

Mike Rubin
How a background in EMS fostered a successful married relationship.
William E. "Gene" Gandy, JD, LP
Through planning, preparation and practice, you can master this essential technique.
Understanding the options between the BVM and the ETT
Mike Rubin
Communicating successfully with patients requires strategy, flexibility and practice.
C.T. “Chuck” Kearns, MBA, EMT-P

This Message from the President appeared in the Summer 2015 edition of NAEMT News.

Since its inception in 1975, the National Association of Emergency Medical…

Gary Ludwig, MS, EMT-P
Failing to deal with employee problems head-on is a recipe for disaster.
Christopher Montera
What goes into operating outside the urban environment?
James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP
A fire ravages a family—what’s the best way to keep the patients straight?
Elizabeth Papelino, NRP
A well organized logistics system keeps your agency moving and equipped.
Scott R. Snyder, BS, NREMT-P
Catch this liver-scarring problem early, because cirrhosis effects can be life-threatening.
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