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EMS World January 2017

This month's cover report looks at how hundreds of medical professionals are ready to deliver care at one of NASCAR's most formidable tracks. Also in this issue: Spotlight on airway management, high-performance EMS and complex pediatrics.
Bruce Estrem, BA, RRT-NPS, LRT
How Minnesota responders are improving care for kids with difficult medical needs.
Sharon McDonough
The fire department-based MIH program is reducing the burden of frequent nonemergent 9-1-1 users.
Chris Boyer, MPA, NRP, FP-C
The SALAD (suction-assisted laryngoscopy airway decontamination) technique has been taking the airway management world by storm
William E. "Gene" Gandy, JD, LP
In a life-threatening situation, here’s how to conquer the pucker factor
Jeffrey L. Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, FACEP, FAEMS
ETI seems better than SGAs, but no advanced airway may be even better, and key questions are yet unanswered.
Bryan B. Kitch, MD
Understanding neurotransmitters and their receptors can help EMS providers choose the right medication.
Tracey Loscar, BA, NRP
Our strength lies in looking into the abyss without blinking.
Doug Hooten, MBA
It’s a key first step—what are its hallmarks and benefits?
Branden Miesemer, NRP, FP-C
Many applications of lung ultrasound yield a high return on a relatively low training investment
Scott Cravens, EMT
This year, EMS World celebrates its 45th anniversary
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