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EMS World March 2018

1803 EMS World

This issue covers active-shooter and trauma themes, with a cover package that examines high-level MCI training and tools for mass-shooting preparedness. Additional content focuses on stress in EMS and concludes our ongoing series on excellence in pediatric care; also in this issue are Product Applications From the Field. 

Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, NREMT
How do you prioritize more than 250 great ideas? Treat them like patients.
Hilary Gates, MAEd, NRP
Meeting survivors reinforces the people side of patient care.
A roundup of news from around the EMS world.
Susanne Ottendorfer
The country’s EMS dates to the 1880s but is being reshaped by current challenges.
Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP, FAHA
A study looks at providers who depart the field but intend to return.
Interviews with end users of EMS products and services.
Scott DeBoer, RN, MSN, CPEN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, EMT-P; Emily Dawson, MD; Lisa DeBoer, CET, NREMT, PI; Julie Bacon, MSN-HCSM, RNC-LRN, NE-BC, CPN, CPEN, C-NPT; and Michael Seaver, RN, BA
Apps and other aids can simplify and streamline the emergency care of kids.
Veronica Ryl, EMT-P, CP-C
Laying the groundwork for resilience and career longevity.
Don Cox, MS, CFO, CTO, EFO
Law enforcement and others offer resources that can benefit EMS.
Valerie Amato, NREMT
To manage complex incidents, responders must break down barriers and work as a team.
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