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EMS World September 2018

The September issue has a management and operations focus, with features on hepatitis A in the homeless, organizational security, and data interoperability vs. opioid abuse. The cover report looks at U.S. Air Force aeromedical evacuation, while other articles continue the story of EMS World Expo keynote speaker Anne Montera and cover SCI and neurogenic shock, a new model for CE, and a pair of young brothers whose hemophilia isn't derailing promising careers in EMS. 

Jolynn Tumolo
A rare bleeding disorder isn’t enough to keep EMS professionals Cody and Brady Kunkel on the sidelines.
Linda Dykes, MBBS
A new response model prioritizes the right help over help that’s just fast.
Jonathon S. Feit, MBA, MA
EMS still isn’t getting the complete picture it needs to help at-risk populations.
Seth J. Komansky, MS, NRP
Situational awareness and anticipatory planning are key ingredients.
John Alexander, MS, NRP
For best results, review the old, absorb the new, and focus on your specific needs.
Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP, FAHA
It helps cardiac arrest victims—but what does it do to nonprofessional rescuers?
Alexander Ordoobadi
Recognize and treat shock in SCI patients before it causes further damage.
Tracey Loscar, BA, NRP
It took nurse Anne Montera years to get her pain accurately diagnosed—but that wasn’t the end of the story.
Barry Smith
They can transport injured patients to the U.S. from anywhere in three days with a 98% survival rate.
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