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EMS World January 2019

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The January issue has an airway focus, with features on peri-intubation hypoxia and airway management, and bonus content on pediatrics, with articles on respiratory distress and bronchiolitis. Additional content examines stress and continuing education; columns include EMS Around the World and a new incarnation of the Trip Report called Journal Watch. 

Jeffrey L. Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, FACEP, FAEMS
Disregard for the fundamentals has made this dangerous condition common.
Louise Reynolds, PhD
Volunteers and expanded roles are keys to coping with the country’s widespread demand.
Dawn Dow, EMT-P, PhD
Reducing it requires a combined effort that involves education, leadership, and mentoring.
Brent Myers, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAEMS, Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, and Catherine R. Counts, PhD, MHA
Regular news updates from EMS World's strategic partners. This month: NAEMSP.
News, updates, and happenings in EMS from around the country.
Roger Smith, NRP
Respiratory distress is a big deal—bigger when you’re a kid.
Michael Supples, MD, EMT-I, and Adam Johnson, MD
It’s a frequent cause of respiratory distress in infants and young children.
Your comments, posts, e-mails, and reactions.
Susanna J. Smith
Why we’re moving toward self-directed lifelong learning.
Frank T. Ancona, NRP, CIC
Embracing four key qualities can yield better providers and care.
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