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EMS World October 2019

EMS World October 2019 cover

October's EMS World Expo show issue salutes the year's best, with both winners of the National EMS Awards of Excellence and finalists for 2019's Innovation Awards, plus our annual compendium of original abstracts from the Prehospital Care Research Forum. Education-themed features examine evidence-based guidelines, the flipped classroom, and study abroad, while other articles cover child abuse and grief for the first responder. Don't miss EMS World Expo 2019, October 14–18 in New Orleans. 

EMS World Staff
The year's top services, providers, and others contribute in many ways to improving patient care.
News, updates, and happenings in EMS from around the country.
Ami Tomaszewski

From the Senior Editorial and Program Director:

In my short time so far with EMS World, I’ve had the opportunity to be inspired by some pretty passionate educators. I’ve also seen…

Alexandra Jabr
Understand the process, and you’ll be a more effective patient advocate.
Roger Smith, NRP; Ryan Brown, MD; and Curtis L. Knoles, MD, FAAP
Know what distinguishes innocent injuries from suspicious ones.
Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP, FAHA
Does the ride-share service’s entry into markets reduce ambulance use?
EMS World Staff
The awards showcase the most noteworthy advances in EMS products and technologies this year.
EMS World Staff
Again this year EMS World presents the latest investigations from the Prehospital Care Research Forum.
Ben Tacy
A ‘flipped classroom’ approach takes work on the front end but pays off on the back.
Douglas Presta, DPM, NRP, and Scott Devenish, PhD
A Washington university and Australian institution ally for an educational exchange.
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