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The plan is to hire 175 firefighter-paramedics and build new stations to better serve areas affected by wildfires.
The bill classifies cancer as a work-related injury, and gives firefighters better medical coverage, paid leave and access to disability benefits.
San Jose Fire Department members donned ballistic gear in an active shooter training exercise at the BART station.
Allegany County EMS will use the grant to cover the cost of naloxone doses.
Treating patients through Mount Carmel's Hospital at Home program only costs one-sixth of the cost of hospitalization.
Resource Planner helps build optimized schedules to boost productivity and shift coverage.
Bluefield Fire Department's previous AEDs were ten years old.

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"Thicker Than Smoke" brought stars like Brad Paisley to raise money for a nonprofit supporting first responders impacted by the October 2017 wildfires.
The time-saving tool prevented the boy and first responders from spending too much time in the extreme heat.
The federal government hired Optum to provide free medical services to people enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program.
SirenGPS tells St. Louis dispatchers a caller's location, photo, medical information, and emergency contacts.

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EMS data estimates the public health burden of the opioid epidemic and can help identify prevention and resolution strategies.
A roundup of the week's most notable and interesting EMS-related media.
Rainbow City Fire Department installed three kits at three different schools in the event of a serious emergency.
The drill shed light on Boyd County's interagency communication issues.
Middletown's Quick Response Team includes a paramedic/firefighter, nurse, and social worker who connect patients with treatment resources.
The winners will be announced during the EMS World Expo keynote address on October 31 in Nashville, Tenn.
EMS providers took turns performing CPR on a man who tried saving his three grandchildren caught in a riptide.
Conway Fire Department received the Fire/EMS Service of the Year Award at the 2018 Arkansas EMT Association conference.
Interagency collaboration skills were critiqued by police chiefs.
Albuquerque Fire Rescue will receive $379K to boost paramedics' pay.