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Nebraska's 'Move Over' Law Takes Effect Sunday

OMAHA, Neb. --

A new law designed to protect those who work along highways and interstates.

The so-called “move over law” was approved by the State Legislature last winter. It requires motorists to move over if they come upon an emergency vehicle parked on any multi-lane road. The goal is to protect law enforcement officers and emergency workers.

Omaha firefighter Tom Bartek knows what working in high traffic areas is like. He, along with fellow firefighter Seth Gruber, were hit while working an accident along Omaha’s interstate system in November.

“There was a vehicle that lost control on the bridge and immediately came toward us and struck us both,” Bartek said.

Bartek suffered a broken arm, wrist and a lacerated liver.

New signs will be going up across the state letting drivers know about the new law. Gov. Dave Heineman unveiled the signs at a news conference Thursday morning.

Lawmakers who designed the law hope it will reduce the number of injuries, accidents and close calls on the highways.

As for Bartek, he hopes the law makes his job a little less dangerous.

“Hopefully this law will help people realize that they need to slow down and they need to move over, which will undoubtedly save lives,” he said.

Violations of the move over law carry a maximum fin of $100 for the first offense. Any offense thereafter carries up to seven days in jail and a fine of $500.

The law takes effect on Sunday.

'Move Over' Law Takes Effect Sunday

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