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Patient Flees as Medics Argue in Back of D.C. Ambulance

A D.C. woman who called 911 believing she was having a stroke ended up taking the Metro to the hospital after medics started arguing in the back of the ambulance.

"They were constantly bickering back and forth with one another, and to the point that I felt so uncomfortable," Rose Preston told reporters at WRC.

Preston wasn't sure what the two men were arguing about, but said it seemed to be personal.

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"I didn't feel safe being transported by the vehicle,"  the U.S. Army veteran said, adding that she took the Metro to the VA hospital. 

Preston learned she was not having a stroke, but was suffering from Bell's Palsy, which requires immediate medical care.

"It really complicated my condition by not being able to receive adequate medical attention when I called," she said.

Reporters have not received any comment from D.C. Fire and EMS officials. 

"A total lack of professionalism in every way you can imagine," Preston added.

The department has come under increased criticism recently, following incidents including one in which a man died across the street from a firehouse where the crew declined pleas to help. 

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