Paramedic Debuts Stretcher Design at Innovation Award Challenge Cup

Paramedic Debuts Stretcher Design at Innovation Award Challenge Cup

News May 15, 2015

Washington DC—Roger Price of ResQdevices, a paramedic of 18 years, has revealed the “ParaCart” to a high powered DC audience.

“The 1776 Challenge Cup takes promising entrepreneurs from all over the world and links them up with investors & influencers” said Mr Price. “It was great to be able to represent Paramedics & EMT’s in a forum like this. Many in the audience were surprised to hear that we were the most injured profession.”

The ParaCart was born out of Rogers’ experience as a paramedic. He and many of his colleagues have been injured by the awkward lifting and carrying of patients.

“I wanted to create a “Patient’s floor to ED door” solution that eliminated the double handling & carrying” said Mr Price.

The ParaCart can be placed underneath a patient, will power lift to waist height, reconfigure into a chair shape, safely descend stairs, then load in & out of the ambulance.

“Its design also means that it will handle well on rough terrain—whether that’s a steep driveway at a patients house or even in a military or disaster setting.”

The ParaCart has attracted offers to trial from several large ambulance services.

“We’re in the prototyping phase now and can’t wait to get the ParaCart into the hands of first responders everywhere” he said, adding “watch this space!”

Res Q Devices
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