2015 National EMS Award Recipients Announced

AAA posthumously awarded Harvey L. Hall in recognition of his passion and dedication to the EMS industry.
The panel discussed a new video detailing protective actions first responders should take when there may be fentanyl present.
The agency's Leadership Foundation designed the program to guide future EMS leaders in their career paths.
To sharpen your business acumen, know where the money’s coming from.
Tony Dalton will lead the company’s in-house legal department in its corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee.
The clinical and operational imperatives of EMS sometimes conflict—how can systems minimize the friction?
Business acumen may impede EMS innovation—start developing it now.
The new leader must become familiar with their terminology and types.
A roundup of EMS-related legal news.
For Medicare, whistleblowers are a key part of the solution. 
The company's rebranding comes alongside the hiring of Herman Schwarz as chairman and Bob Pagorek as vice president and chief financial officer.
The Hooley Awards recognize thought leaders for their contributions of innovation and excellence to their communities.
Brooks Shannon joins RapidDeploy as VP of Product Management to further expand and innovate solution offerings.
A diverse group of 24 community representatives will make recommendations to help strengthen the nation's EMS systems.
Chris Blanker has assumed the role of President and CEO of Michigan Instruments in his acquisition of the company.