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Ada County Paramedics Receives AHA Award


BOISE, August 27, 2015—The American Heart Association honored Idaho’s Ada County Paramedics this week for the agency's work to constantly improve measures for patients with heart attacks.

AHA representatives presented the service with its prestigious Mission: Lifeline EMS Award for patients seen in 2014. The gold-level award, the AHA’s highest, recognizes the greatest level of success in improving procedures and outcomes for patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) heart attacks.

Ada County Paramedics representative Hadley Mayes said the organization is overjoyed with the recognition, but more so with knowing it's positively impacting the lives of its patients.

“Our paramedics have the ability to initiate lifesaving measures en route to the hospital, and that can often mean the difference between life and death,” Mayes said.

When Ada County providers identify this heart attack type in transit, they can quickly alert the hospital cardiologist and often bypass the emergency department altogether, taking the patient directly to the surgical room where the heart attack’s cause can be addressed—which can save precious minutes.

This is particularly important because STEMIs require expedited treatment to prevent death.

This is the second straight year Ada County Paramedics has received this award from the American Heart Association. It received a silver-level award in 2014, which is a prerequisite for attaining the gold level.

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