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NAEMSE Releases Whitepaper on Simulation in EMS Education

The National Association of EMS Educators has released a whitepaper focused on inspiring and promoting excellence in EMS education through the use of simulation.

The whitepaper, titled Simulation in EMS Education: Charting the Future was released in mid-November of 2015.

The intention of the paper is to expand the knowledge base supporting simulation in EMS and to advance and develop best practices to create an effective framework for simulation in paramedic education.

NAEMSE says the expansion of simulation in EMS education is needed because paramedics encounter different challenges than other healthcare professionals. For example, paramedics must deal with different environmental challenges and sometimes rapidly changing patient condition. Thus, the paramedics need more intense on-board training before they are allowed to handle patients, which is a luxury not yet afforded by some employers.

The paper explains the need for standardized, on-demand educational opportunities through the use of simulation in order to ensure paramedics are ready.

The report examines the use of simulation in initial paramedic programs, what simulation resources are currently available to paramedic education programs and how their resources are used.

To read the whitepaper, click here.

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