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N.J. Agency Will Be First to Use Butterfly iQ Ultrasound Prehospital

MONOC, the Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation, headquartered in Neptune, NJ, is excited to announce that they will be the first EMS agency in the United States to use the ultrasound device “Butterfly iQ,” the world’s first whole-body imager that costs less than $2,000 and fits in your pocket.  MONOC is working towards deploying the ultrasound device across their ALS fleet, beginning with the EMS fellows on the physician response vehicles. 


Mark Merlin, DO, System Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer for MONOC says, “Butterfly iQ has the unique ability to provide fast, accurate ultrasound for the first time at a low cost. I anticipate over the next several years this device being in the hands of most paramedics and replacing much of the use of stethoscopes.”  Merlin has five EMS fellows at MONOC who have been using and teaching ultrasound to paramedics for the last few years.


“Our mission is to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone around the world,” says Jonathan M. Rothberg, Butterfly’s Executive Chairman and CEO on Butterfly iQ’s website.  The site states that "with an integrated software platform, Butterfly iQ provides a seamless connection for professionals to collaborate across the hospital or around the world."


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