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N.J. Agency Uses Ultraviolet Light to Keep Patients Safe in Ambulances

MONOC Mobile Health Services is making sure that its patients are safer when they are transported in a MONOC ambulance. This summer, MONOC purchased the Turbo-UV Ambulance Sanitizer from MRSA-UV, which is a mobile room sanitizing company based in Florida. The device is used to disinfect the inside of the ambulance including the patient compartment and cockpit areas against potentially deadly infections. The system uses a portable, small tower-like device that emits UV light that is effective against bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous contaminants. 

The 45-minute process is performed by placing the Turbo-UV system inside the ambulance in three different locations for a period of 15-minutes each. Moving the mini-tower in the ambulance is necessary due to shadowing and to ensure all surfaces are struck by the UV lighting. “The Turbo-UV Ambulance Sanitizer gives us another layer of protection for our patients and our clinicians,” said Jeff Behm, Chief Operating Officer of MONOC. “Manual disinfection is part of our sanitizing plan, but this technology in addition to manual disinfection helps disinfect areas that may not have been completely cleaned by other means.” 

In late spring, the New Jersey Department of Health began randomly swabbing ambulances to inform the Emergency Medical Services community about the potential of bacteria growing inside their ambulances. 

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