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CAMTS and CAMTS EU Board Award Accreditations



The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) and CAMTS European Union (EU) awarded two dual accreditations and 13 CAMTS reaccreditations during their three-day fall board of directors meeting last month in Phoenix.
CAMTS and CAMTS EU awarded dual accreditation to two international services: BDMS Emergency Services of Bangkok Hospital in Thailand and On Call International, Rescue Nurse, headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire. BDMS Emergency Services provide rotorwing, fixed wing, surface and marine transport services. On Call International, Rescue Nurse provides medical escort services worldwide.  
The two services bring the total of dual accreditations to four since CAMTS and CAMTS EU began offering dual accreditation last year to services providing medical transport and escort on a global scale.   
Additionally, the following 13 services received CAMTS reaccreditation: 

  • Air Methods Midwest Region, a rotorwing service headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Air Methods South Central Region, a rotorwing and fixed wing service headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • AMR Air Ambulance, a fixed wing service in Englewood, Colorado.
  • Ascension Wisconsin Spirit Medical Transport, a rotorwing and surface service in Weston, Wisconsin.
  • FlightCare, a rotorwing service in Saginaw, Michigan.
  • HealthNet Aeromedical Services, Inc., a rotorwing and surface service headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia.
  • Life Guard International, Inc. – Flying ICU, a fixed wing service in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Mayo Clinic Medical Transport, a rotorwing and fixed wing service in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • MedFlight, a rotorwing and surface transport service in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Doernbecher Transport (PANDA) Team, a rotorwing, fixed wing and surface service in Portland, Oregon.
  • Premier Jets/Lifeguard Air Ambulance, a fixed wing service in Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • St Vincent StatFlight, a rotorwing service in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • STAT MedEvac, a rotorwing and surface service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Rebranding Announced
During the meeting, the CAMTS EU Board announced the organization will rebrand in the near future to incorporate growing CAMTS accreditation interest in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The new name and website will be unveiled by the end of the year. 
Reduced Charitable Service Fee
The CAMTS EU Board also revised accreditation fees for services outside of North America, including a reduced fee for charitable services worldwide. The charitable rate and the revised fee structure can be found on the website.  


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