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Mo. Dispatch Center Receives International Accreditation



TCAD Paramedics Communications Center is now an International Academies of Emergency Dispatch - Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE). The IAED - ACE Accreditation is the gold standard for emergency communication centers. TCAD Paramedics is only the 266th communication center in the world to achieve ACE.


The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch provide emergency communication centers with Medical Priority Dispatch System Protocols, which is the call taking system used to triage all incoming 911 calls. IAED also provides the standards that must be met to achieve ACE Accreditation. Parts of this program include having policies in place to handle difficult 911 calls, providing on-going training for emergency medical dispatchers, and a continuous quality improvement program. All of this is designed to improve public care and maximize the efficiency of the 911 system.


All communicators, at TCAD, are Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified and some have gone on to achieve EMD-Q certification to allow them to peer-review calls. Part of the quality improvement program at TCAD includes reviewing hundreds of 911 calls to ensure that protocols are always followed and appropriate resources are dispatched. After review, all calls are then scored and feedback is provided to the EMDs to ensure standards are always maintained or exceeded.


Amanda Tudor, TCAD Communications Major said, "I am so proud of my team. They have all worked diligently, over the last several years, to prepare for and achieve this goal. ACE Accreditation shows our community, if they call 911 for an ambulance, they will receive the highest quality care possible from our communication team."


TCAD Paramedics received Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) Accreditation in 2016. TCAD Paramedics now becomes the 28th Ambulance Service in the country, and the only ambulance service in Missouri, to achieve both CAAS and ACE Accreditation.

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