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Fla. Medic Faces Multiple Charges After Crashing Into Five Cars

The Miami Herald

A Palm Beach County Fire Rescue worker faces 25 counts of charges, including eight DUI counts, after Davie police say he ran his Dodge Ram 250 pickup truck into five vehicles late Friday night while driving down Griffin Road.

Coral Springs resident John Gratton, 38, has been a licensed paramedic since 2004 with a clean discipline record, according to Florida Department of Health online records. And the only thing marring his driving record previously appears to be a 2016 ticket for running a red light in Miami-Dade that cost him $293.

But hanging over Gratton's head in Broward County now are seven counts of reckless driving with damage to property; seven counts of DUI with damage to property or a person; one count of DUI, first offense; one count of reckless driving, first offense; five counts of leaving the scene of an accident with property damage; two counts of failing to remain at an accident involving non-serious injury; one count of possession of drug paraphernalia (a grinder with cannibis cops say they found in the truck); and one count of resisting an officer.

The probable cause affidavit says Davie police Sgt. Matthew Correa found Gratton under the bushes near the intersection of Weston Road and Griffin Road, a bleeding bite mark from a police dog on his right buttock (The affidavit says Gratton's left buttock has a tattoo, "Sexy.")
Correa described Gratton as having slurred speech, "blood shot, glassy and watery" eyes and "stumbling over his own feet several times" as he walked to Correa's patrol car. Another Davie officer told Correa that two injured people in cars hit by Gratton had been taken to Cleveland Clinic by Davie Fire Rescue.

"She stated (Gratton's) vehicle appeared to have been driving for miles down Griffin Road with only a front left rim and a flat front right tire," the affidavit says. "She also stated she did not see any evidence on the roadway that would indicate (Gratton) attempted to make any evasive maneuvers to prevent a collision with five vehicles."
Gratton refused a blood test.

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