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Savvik Buying Group and Adroit Surgical Announce Agreement



Adroit Surgical today announced a new partnership with Savvik Buying Group, one of the largest public safety buying groups in the country representing EMS, fire departments, and law enforcement. With the agreement, more than 11,000 members of Savvik can access the latest in airway management products at national discounts. 


The Vie Scope is Adroit Surgical’s patented direct laryngoscope in a self-contained, battery-powered, scope that takes advantage of a closed circular tube with a beveled end to visualize the vocal cords. The light is transmitted through the side wall of the tube from end to end as well as within the lumen of the tube to give the user the best illumination of the target tissue with minimal chance of light obstruction by secretions or blood.


The Voir Bougie for intubation makes intubation safer, faster, and more efficient. The Voir Bougie® is unique in that it has clearly marked bands allowing the user to identify the correct depth upon insertion to avoid lung or tracheal injury. Allowing the process of intubation to occur safely when passing the endotracheal tube over the Voir Bougie® during intubation.


More than 11,000 members of the Savvik Buying Group, a public safety buying group, are benefiting from a new GPO partnership with Adroit. “Being in front of advancements and helping our membership get these innovations implemented is just one of the aspects of what Savvik does,” says Mickey Schulte Executive Director of Savvik. “We also need to help agencies get these new products at the best price possible to make their budget dollars go as far as they can” 


Paul Hagen, chief operating officer, issued the following statement regarding the announcement: "Adroit Surgical is very excited to be working with Savvik Buying Group and its members. We are looking to forward to a long-term relationship and changing the standard of care in regard to airway management."


In addition to finding competitive ways to free up time and dollars for first responders, Savvik gives back a third of the money it earns and reinvests back into public safety. The non-profit organization distributes funds among national, state and local affiliated associations. It also assists public safety associations in creating greater efficiencies and lends support at a legislative level by pushing for reform to improve the public safety industry. Savvik membership is also free to agencies who sign up.

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