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Pulmodyne Acquiring Innovative Products



Pulmodyne, a global manufacturer of respiratory and emergency airway products, has taken on new innovative products by inventor Steve Islava. With Steve’s background as a firefighter/paramedic of 30 years, he’s gained the valuable field experience necessary to invent several products to aid in patient comfort, as well as save lives. While already providing the market with disposable CPAP, Pulmodyne hoped to bring more emergency products to the field.


The products invented by Steve that will be added to Pulmodyne’s portfolio are the SIPQuik™ Cervical Collar, NebuFlex™, Pneusplint™ Extremity Splints, OTA (Open The Airway) CPR Board, and the Care2 Nebulizer. With these new product additions, Pulmodyne hopes to continue producing innovative products.


Pulmodyne believes their new partnership with Steve Islava and Care2Innovations is sure to enhance the quality of their products for providers, as well as increase the quality of care for patients worldwide.


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