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Ala. Firefighter-Paramedic Receives EMT of the Year Award

The Cullman Times, Ala.

The Cullman Fire Department handed out two of its highest honors Monday, awarding Engineer Neville Franks and firefighter/paramedic Joel Sims its firefighter and EMT of the year awards for 2018.

Cullman Fire Chief Brian Bradberry said both Franks and Sims have exemplified the department's goals and standards for public service, praising each for their attention to detail and commitment to carry out their work with integrity.

Franks, who joined the department in 2008, demonstrates a passion for community service through a number of outreach roles and through connecting with the wider community, "speaking to children when we go to the schools, where his enthusiasm for the job shows," said Bradberry. "Engineer Franks is an excellent representative of the department."

Sims, who joined the department only last year, already has proven his value as an on-scene EMT when seconds are crucial, Franks said. In nominating Sims, Cpt. Adam Lackey "referenced an emergency medical call with an unresponsive patient in cardiac arrest. Firefighter Sims immediately assumed patient care and utilized the assisting personnel in an extremely effective manner."

Both firefighters were presented with their awards at Monday's regular meeting of the Cullman City Council.

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