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Fla. EMT Suspended After Alleged Assault of Trauma Patient

New York Daily News

An EMT in Ocala, Florida, had his certifications suspended after he allegedly assaulted a trauma patient in his ambulance.

Kendal Evan Billings, 26, is accused of punching a motorcycle crash victim multiple times until he lost consciousness, according to the Gainesville Sun.

Billings was the paramedic on duty when 60-year-old Terrence Dolan crashed his motorcycle in December.

Dolan, who had a head injury, was described in the arrest report as "very uncooperative" and the ambulance crew had to restrain him by the arms and legs "for fear he might hurt someone."

Joseph Annilto, a Nature Coast EMS student who was riding in the ambulance, told officers that Dolan kicked Billings in the face, at which point the EMT responded by punching Dolan in the face "five or six times."

Billings initially denied the assault, but later said he "lost his cool because Dolan was threatening him," according to the Gainesville Sun.

He also called the punches self-defense and said he "wasn't thinking."

Billings was arrested for aggravated battery on Dec. 9.

Michele Tallent, Deputy Secretary for Operations for the Florida Department of Health, revoked Billings' certifications late last week, calling his "continued immediate, serious danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the citizens of the State of Florida."

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