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Va. Schools Get Equipped With Trauma Kits


Gloucester County Public Schools (GCPS) is empowering its staff members, police staff, fire and rescue staff, coaches, students, and emergency response teams to save lives with the Mobilize Rescue App and corresponding bleeding control and airway management kits. Robin Zophy, a Nationally Certified School Nurse Coordinator for GCPS, wants to be prepared for any physical emergency whether it results from an active shooter event, car or bus accident, a fight, a culinary emergency, a sports accident, a medical emergency in the classroom, a groundskeeper or maintenance injury, or a sheltering emergency in the event of a tornado.

“The safety of the students in our schools is of utmost importance to the Gloucester County School system,” said Zophy. “We have an excellent, mostly volunteer rescue squad, but they are not always able to be just minutes away from an emergency. We want to do everything within our power to keep students and staff safe, and we want our staff to be as prepared as possible for any emergency.”

The GCPS Safety Committee reviewed several emergency response kits and unanimously agreed to purchase the Mobilize Public Access Rescue station for all GCPS Schools facilities in conjunction with the award-winning Mobilize Rescue App. In the event of an emergency a civilian can grab one of the Individual Public Access Kits (iPAKs) from the Rescue Station, launch the Mobilize Rescue App on their personal device, and follow the instructions to manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures and more while the ambulance is on the way. All a bystander needs to use the Mobilize Rescue App is the willingness to act as ‘Good Samaritan’ and the courage to prepare for medical emergencies by downloading the app ahead of time.

“We needed an app that was not dependent on Wi-Fi, because some of the schools have poorer reception,” said Zophy. “The Mobilize Rescue App is an aid for people reacting under pressure. The kit has the emergency supplies, the app tells the user when, how and what to use in the kit. We felt that the app was important, because not all people are able to stay calm during a bleeding or injury emergency.”

Since 2015, the Mobilize Rescue System has been deployed by federal and law enforcement agencies, security and investigations agencies, K-12 schools and universities, public and private organizations, and is now available in Canada through a partnership with Safecross First Aid, LTD. The Mobilize Rescue System has already been used to manage multiple medical emergencies across the country. 

“School safety is especially important to everyone here at Mobilize Rescue,” said Jeff Gerstner, CEO & Co-Founder of Mobilize Rescue Systems. “I have five kids in school myself, and so I feel very excited that GCPS is proactively looking for new technologies to empower students, staff, & faculty to save lives.”

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