United Hatzalah Graduates First Deaf EMT in Israel

Steven Shapiro, 56, claims he worked at the Fairfield Fire Department in Connecticut, but Deputy Chief Kyran Dunn said there is no record of him working there.
The Salute First Responders initiative plans to deliver 10,000 home security devices to first responders.
Colby W. Vanwagoner, 32, was replacing morphine with saline solution from his agency's ambulance and office stocks.
With the new contract, the starting salary for firefighter/paramedics would be $50,015.
Paramedic Dwayne Adams, 51, collided head-on with firefighter Andrew Harris, 58, on U.S. 441.
Women from the Chicago Fire Department have sued the city for sexual harassment and gender discrimination after continued dismissals of their complaints.
Understanding ourselves and exploring our perceptions helps us bounce back from adversity and adapt to stress.
Dr. YiDing Yu was presented with the 2018 Cartier Women's Initiative Award for inventing the app that connects first responders with hospital staff in real time to accelerate patient care.
Palm Beach County Medical Society launched the hotline in January, which arranges free counseling visits and referrals for treatment.
Firehouses will open their doors this weekend in hopes of recruiting more volunteers for the Recruit NY initiative.
Currently, the county can only afford two dispatchers per 24-hour shift, who often can't provide medical assistance because they aren't EMD-certified.
If Tony Spagnoletti had suffered a heart attack at home instead of work, he wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time to get revived after going into cardiac arrest.
Firefighter and combat veteran Greg Cinelli ran a 5K in full gear in honor of fellow vets and first responders struggling with physical and mental trauma.
Though she didn't survive, Jennifer Riordan received CPR from Peggy Phillips after Andrew Needum pulled Riordan from a broken window on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380.
Owensboro Fire Department Chief Steve Mitchell never thought he'd see the day when firefighters would need ballistic gear for protection from violence.