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22 FDNY Members Added to WTC Memorial Wall

amNewYork, New York

Nearly 18 years later, the FDNY is still reeling from the effects of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

The department will add the names of 22 members who died from 9/11-related illnesses to its World Trade Center Memorial Wall on Friday.

Fire commissioner Daniel Nigro, first deputy commissioner Laura Kavanagh and chief of department John Sudnik will be joined by the families of the FDNY members during a 4 p.m. ceremony at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.

“This solemn wall is a poignant and permanent reminder of the sacrifice of all that responded on September 11th and toiled for weeks and months at the World Trade Center searching for the innocent lives taken that day,” said Nigro ahead of the ceremony. “Because of their dedication and bravery, each year the already staggering loss suffered by the FDNY continues to grow as illnesses claimed the lives of those who so bravely served our city."

More than 200 FDNY members have died of 9/11-related illnesses since the 2001 terror attacks and cleanup efforts at Ground Zero.

Earlier this summer, Congress passed the Never Forget the Heroes Act, which permanently authorizes the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, providing financial assistance to everyone suffering from cancer and other illnesses related to breathing in toxic dust at Ground Zero through 2092. President Donald Trump signed the bill into law about a week after the Senate approved it.

The following FDNY members will be added to the WTC Memorial Wall:

Firefighter Anthony Alese, Engine Company 9

Doctor Michael G. Guttenberg, Bureau of Health Services

Captain Victor C. Valva, Engine Company 167

Firefighter Brent G. Crobak, Engine Company 251

Firefighter Charles Williams, Ladder Company 111

Battalion Chief Robert P. Miuccio, Battalion 22

Firefighter Michael T. McDonald, Ladder Company 128

Firefighter Jimmy Martinez, Engine Company 157

Firefighter Dennis G. Heaney, Ladder Company 157

Firefighter John R. Elges, Ladder Company 134

EMT Felipe A. Torre, Bureau of Training

Paramedic Martha Stewart, EMS Station 8

EMT Joseph A. Rodriguez, EMS Station 58

Firefighter Daniel C. Bove, Engine Company 251

Captain John S. Moschella, Engine Company 26

Firefighter Richard H. Meehan, Battalion 06

Lieutenant Timothy P. O'Neill, Ladder Company 5

Firefighter Kevin E. Lennon, Ladder Company 175

Lieutenant John T. Moran, Ladder Company 41

Firefighter Lloyd W. Stuart, Engine Company 3

Firefighter Kevin J. Nolan, Engine Company 79

Firefighter Richard N. Driscoll, Engine Company 91

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