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Former MTV Star Sues FDNY EMS Lieutenant for Sexual Harassment

Staten Island Advance, N.Y.

A former “Jersey Shore” cast member is suing New York City and an FDNY-EMS lieutenant for alleged sexual harassment she was subjected to on Staten Island.

Angelina Pivarnick claims in a civil suit filed Monday in Brooklyn federal court that she was repeatedly sent sexually explicit text messages, received inappropriate comments, and was groped during her time working as an EMT at the department’s Rossville station.

FDNY-EMS Lt. Jonathan Schechter is being sued for his behavior, which culminated in an alleged groping incident on May 3, 2018.

As a result of that alleged incident, Pivarnick filed a complaint with the FDNY’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO) on May 17, 2018 alleging that Schechter had created a sexually hostile work environment.

Before the alleged groping, Pivarnick claims Schechter’s harassment began in August 2017 with sexually explicit text messages like one sent Sept. 15, 2017.

“Your ass looked amazing and I wish I wasn’t working or in uniform because I definitely would’ve kissed those amazing lips," Schechter allegedly texted the former MTV reality star.

The lawsuit claims Pivarnick repeatedly made it clear that she was not interested in a physical relationship, but tried to remain friendly with Schechter, because she feared he and other superiors would retaliate against her in the work place if she was not.

According to the lawsuit, the FDNY EEO sent Pivarnick a letter on March 25, 2019 saying it had found “sufficient credible and corroborating evidence that Lieutenant Schechter engaged in the discriminatory conduct alleged.”

The FDNY referred a request for comment to the city’s law department, which said the case is being reviewed.

In addition to the alleged harassment she received from Schechter, the lawsuit claims that Pivarnick repeatedly received inappropriate comments from another lieutenant, who is not being sued, after the “Jersey Shore” revival in 2018.

He “apparently believed that he could speak to Pivarnick at work in sexually graphic and vulgar terms. These comments were unwelcomed by Pivarnick and were not reciprocated,” the lawsuit says.

While on light duty as a result of her injuries, that lieutenant allegedly repeatedly asked her about her sex life—asking her whether she had engaged in sex with her significant other, and how many “Jersey Shore” cast members she had sex with.

Neither lieutenant could be reached for comment, and an attorney for Schechter had not yet been identified in court records by the time of publication.

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