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Patient Care

Mich. Woman Murdered on Scene While Paramedics Work SCA Patient, Walker, Mich.

Police are searching for a suspect in a fatal stabbing at a Detroit house Saturday that occurred while paramedics were in the same house attending to a cardiac arrest victim, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Police say a woman in her 20s was pronounced dead at the scene after she was allegedly stabbed to death by man is his late 20s who fled the scene. Police do not know the relationship between the man and woman, or the person in the house who was in cardiac arrest.

Paramedics responded to house after receiving a call for a man who was unresponsive after having a heart attack. As paramedics worked on the cardiac arrest victim, the suspect took a woman into another room in the house and allegedly stabbed her to death.

The cardiac arrest victim did not survive.

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