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Conn. NEMT Broker Unveils New Transportation Management System


December 6—Veyo, the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) broker for the state of Connecticut, this week officially introduced its first-in-market transportation management system, RideView, to Connecticut healthcare facilities. The new system—designed and built by Veyo engineers from the ground up to accommodate and address the unique needs of health care facilities and individual members—was introduced during a training webinar co-hosted with Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA).

“We’ve had great success in the markets where we’ve already deployed RideView, and we’re really excited to be able to bring it to Connecticut,” said Josh Komenda, President of Veyo. “RideView gives facilities real-time information like pick-up and drop-off details, estimated time of arrival and contact information for the driver and the member for every trip. All of this information helps to reduce the uncertainty facility staff may face when it comes to booking, tracking and verifying trips.”

The jointly hosted training webinar served to introduce the capabilities and user interface to all Connecticut Hospital Association members. A similar webinar for nursing homes and other facilities has yet to be scheduled, however some have received training through one-on-one events.

“We’re looking forward to working with Veyo’s new facility portal so that nursing homes can efficiently arrange for and follow patient trips as they happen,” said Margaret Morelli, President, LeadingAge Connecticut. “We have a few homes who are being trained on the system now and hope to bring more on board as the roll-out continues.”

RideView has been deployed in Arizona since April 2019. As more Connecticut facilities sign up to use RideView, Veyo will continue to host training events and webinars.

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