La. First Responders Conduct Active Shooter Drill

The grants were awarded to 10 volunteer departments nationwide to provide funding for critical EMT and firefighter training.
The two companies are partnering to offer the emergency response community more comprehensive training resources.
HIPAA TV 2.0 is an interactive program that covers privacy and security issues that EMS agencies confront every day.
In response to the low rate of bystander CPR in his community, Ryan Mullins started a CPR education course with the local fire department.
Local first responders and other organizations coordinated an event to show students the grim reality of drunk driving outcomes.
OU Medical Center wants the public to know life-saving bleeding control techniques due to mass casualty incidents becoming more commonplace.
Several organizations will provide 2,800 school faculty members with online courses teaching first aid for disasters and mass casualty incidents.
The California-based rescue and work-at-height company is offering course subjects such as rope rescue and trench rescue training.
The emerging fallout may include accidental overconsumption, hyperemesis, and car crashes.
Officials warn people to stay away from ice as temperatures rise and frozen bodies of water appear deceptively safe to walk on.
Early sessions focused on acts of terrorism and other MCIs. 
First responders should learn emergency-related signs in American Sign Language to establish accurate communication with patients who are deaf and ensure good outcomes.
Multiple agencies, as well as EMT and paramedic students, practiced their coordinated response skills at a mock plane crash at San Bernardino International Airport.
To manage complex incidents, responders must break down barriers and work as a team.
A study looks at providers who depart the field but intend to return.