La. First Responders Conduct Active Shooter Drill

Which did better for patients: Florida’s criteria or paramedic judgment?
The program aims to fulfill the critical staffing need for paramedics and AEMTs.
Join Columbia Southern University in this webinar to find out how first responders can best utilize social media to gather and deliver information before, during and after a disaster.
The Hero Helps Community Summit is offering training to the public on how to help overdose victims by administering Narcan.
Blackhawk Fire Department recognized the rural community's need for first responders to be comfortable handling large-animal rescues.
The facility features life-life sets, like a house and a bar, for students to train in for incidents like domestic violence, active shooters, and bar fights.
Fire, EMS, and law enforcement personnel responded to the simulated plane crash at Natchez-Adams County Airport.
This video from the Childress Institute covers the basics of responding to children injured during sporting events.
The course is designed to help EMS, fire, and law enforcement personnel understand how to recognize and respond to crises involving people with disabilities.
Illinois Heart Rescue has helped quadruple the state's out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates through its training programs.
The grants were awarded to 10 volunteer departments nationwide to provide funding for critical EMT and firefighter training.
The two companies are partnering to offer the emergency response community more comprehensive training resources.
HIPAA TV 2.0 is an interactive program that covers privacy and security issues that EMS agencies confront every day.
In response to the low rate of bystander CPR in his community, Ryan Mullins started a CPR education course with the local fire department.
Local first responders and other organizations coordinated an event to show students the grim reality of drunk driving outcomes.