Opioids to Blame for Soaring Overdose Death Rates in N.Y.

Jill Wittwer, 59, is recovering well from a stroke she had in her sleep after doctors performed a thrombectomy the following afternoon.
Nine Sunstar Paramedics employees were recognized for their high-quality patient care by Pinellas County HCA Hospitals
The third child managed to escape, but a critical stress management team may be consulted to help the firefighters deal with the other children's deaths.
Donnie Smith's CT scan revealed a severe brain bleed requiring transfer to a trauma center, but four hours passed before they transported him.
The importance of bystander CPR was exemplified when lifeguards and a bystander restored a 10-year-old's breathing after he almost drowned.
When a checklist is interrupted, don’t try to restart in the middle. 
Many are concerned that Anthem's policy of denying coverage for false-alarm ED visits will deter patients from seeking medical attention in fear of being responsible for expensive bills.
Doctors are limited to prescribing patients with acute pain a three-day supply of opioids unless a seven-day supply is considered medically necessary.
The young woman was unconscious until two of Galaxy team's medical trainers and the chief medical correspondent of ABC News restored her pulse.
Moscow EMS Division can perform quality CPR on a patient for up to two and a half hours with the automated device.
A CDC report revealed ED visits related to opioids increased by an average of 35% across 16 states.
Jan-Care Ambulance and FMRS Health Systems Inc. are developing a program to connect opioid overdose patients with treatment facilities to help them with their addiction.
Anthony Borges, who was shot five times and has extensive medical costs, is suing because of the Broward County authorities' failure to protect students during the shooting.
Patients will be provided psychiatric assessments via video calls to reduce time spent in the ED and assign them the most appropriate care.
Are you confident in your ability to accurately identify and treat a child in respiratory distress?