Portland Doc Tells of Aiding Derailment Victims

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center participated in a shooting preparedness drill involving 40-50 gunshot victims.
Firehouses will open their doors this weekend in hopes of recruiting more volunteers for the Recruit NY initiative.
Eagle Scout Tyler O'Neil acquired a donation from Canine Company to equip multiple fire stations with pet oxygen mask kits.
Miami County agencies practiced response tactics for a large-scale incident in the confined space of the Miami Tunnel.
The latest skid units support energy-efficient electric vehicles. 
The platform offers streamlined tracking and management of all components of continuing education and recertification.
The new equipment line-up is built to meet the critical needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue operations.
"We're in the business of saving lives... having more Narcan out there is a positive thing," says Ted Jankowski, Stamford's director of public safety, health and welfare.
A $35 subscription fee covers 100% of emergency transport costs for a full year, no matter how often a resident calls for an ambulance.
Currently, the county can only afford two dispatchers per 24-hour shift, who often can't provide medical assistance because they aren't EMD-certified.
Somerset Fire Department opted for the protection in the event of a school shooting where members would have to treat victims in the warm zone.
Hyperion is the industry’s first smart, camera-based dual object detection system, combining lane change assistance and blind spot detection.
If Tony Spagnoletti had suffered a heart attack at home instead of work, he wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time to get revived after going into cardiac arrest.
Priority Dispatch recognizes RapidDeploy for its dynamic, customizable interface and commitment to the public safety community.
The NAEMT EMS PAC will use its funds to help EMS elect or re-elect federal candidates who support quality prehospital and out-of-hospital care in every community across the nation.