NAEMSP Announces Research Abstract Award Winners

NAEMSP Announces Research Abstract Award Winners

News Jan 24, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC (January 24, 2018) – The National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) is pleased to announce its 2018 research abstract award winners. The awards were presented to winners at the NAEMSP 2018 conference, which took place in San Diego on January 8–13.

Best Disaster Presentation Sponsored by the National Disaster Life Support Foundation

“Intraosseous Access Use in Chemical, Biological, Radiation, and Nuclear Personal Protective Equipment”

Tim Collins, Clinical & Medical Affairs, Teleflex Medical

Best Scientific Poster

“Do Age Appropriate Vital Sign Cut Points Improve the Predictive Ability of the Physiologic Criteria of the Field Triage Decision Scheme for Identifying Children Who Need the Resources of a Trauma Center”

E. Brooke Lerner, Jeremy Cushman, Mohamed Badawy, Amy Drendel, Courtney Jones, Manish Shah, David Gourlay, Medical College of Wisconsin

Best Student/Resident/Fellow Presentation

“Training in Prehospital Death Notifications Linked to Improved Provider Comfort and Preparation”

Abraham Campos, Rebecca Cash, Remle Crowe, Madison Rivard, Brian Clemency, Robert Swor, Ashish Panchal, Eric Ernest, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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Best Professional Research Presentation

“Are EMS Provider Characteristics Associated with Appropriate Responses during Violent Encounters?”

Donald Garner, Mallory DeLuca, Remle Crowe, Rebecca Cash, Madison Rivard, Jefferson Williams, Ashish Panchal, Jose Cabanas, Wake County EMS

Best Poster Abstract Presentation

“Benchmarking EMS Compass Performance Measures Using a Large National Dataset: Pediatric Care”

Jeffrey Jarvis, Dustin Barton, Lauren Sager, Nick Nudell, Williamson County EMS

Best Cardiac Arrest Presentation

“Timing of Advanced Airway Placement after Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Earlier Is Better”

Justin Benoit, Jason McMullan, Henry Wang, Changchun Xie, Peixin Xu, Kimberly Hart, Christopher Lindsell, University of Cincinnati

Best Pediatric Presentation

“Analysis of Dosing Errors Made by Paramedics During Simulated Pediatric Patient Scenarios after Implementation of State-Wide Pediatric Drug Dosing Reference”

John Hoyle, Glenn Ekblad, Tracy Hover, Bill Fales, Richard Lammers, Dena Smith, Western Michigan University

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