Penn. Pharmacies Supply Opioid Prescriptions with Addiction Resource Cards

The Bell 429 helicopter was out of service following an incident in June.
The couple faces multiple charges racking up tens of thousands of dollars for crimes committed over a period of 10 years.
Pink Heals Inc. is a national program that partners with public safety groups and communities to show cancer patients they are loved.
One woman is dead and a young girl is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire outside a restaurant Sunday night.
Neilson Rizzuto, who injured 32 people after driving drunk through a crowd at a parade, was released on good behavior.
Recent local incidents inspired the need to provide better protection for Hopkinton medics, EMTs and firefighters.
Hikers found Angela Hernandez alive on the shore 7 days after plummeting 200 feet from a cliff.
TCAD paramedics responded to Table Rock Lake for a capsized watercraft that left 17 dead.
A variety of solutions for audible emergency vehicle sirens will be announced soon.
Battle of the Badges is a community event to acquire much-needed blood donations for the local hospital.
Gamewell Fire Department's Junior Fire Academy is a new day camp for children interested in pursuing firefighting or emergency medical services work.
The company's rebranding comes alongside the hiring of Herman Schwarz as chairman and Bob Pagorek as vice president and chief financial officer.
Firefighters, EMTs, police officers and military members will receive a 25% discount on all sleep products.
The Time Critical Diagnosis system works with EMS to improve` outcomes for stroke, STEMI and trauma patients.
The woman hurled a cinder block and rocks at EMTs and police officers when they arrived at a gas station for a call about an unresponsive female.