Study Finds First Responders More Likely to Die from Suicide than in the Line of Duty

Middletown's Quick Response Team includes a paramedic/firefighter, nurse, and social worker who connect patients with treatment resources.
The winners will be announced during the EMS World Expo keynote address on October 31 in Nashville, Tenn.
EMS providers took turns performing CPR on a man who tried saving his three grandchildren caught in a riptide.
Conway Fire Department received the Fire/EMS Service of the Year Award at the 2018 Arkansas EMT Association conference.
Interagency collaboration skills were critiqued by police chiefs.
Albuquerque Fire Rescue will receive $379K to boost paramedics' pay.
More than 2,000 National Disaster Medical System participants came together in Atlanta. 
Sunstar Paramedics’ director of quality initiatives Debbie Vass received the Excellence in EMS Award.
James A. Vining, 42, allegedly placed a hidden camera inside the women's bathroom of the 8th Ward Fire Department.
Eager kids were shown the ropes of working as emergency personnel.
Bloomington Fire Department commissioned Andrew Jumonville to create the bronze statue modeled after one of their crew members.
Recruiting east coast firefighters and even crews from New Zealand and Australia are helping relieve the firefighter storage.
Emanuel Brown filed the suit after finding feces in his belongings at the Los Angeles fire station, where he allegedly faces incessant racial discrimination and harassment.
The event brings police, fire, and EMS personnel together with local community members to enjoy food and entertainment.
New tracks and sessions will teach attendees about the latest trends in fire and EMS analytics.