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Kan. EMT Sent to Prison for Statutory Rape

Apr. 18—A former Clay County emergency medical technician has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for having sex with a 15-year-old girl inside a Claycomo fire station.

Scott Pelc, 26, of Kearney was convicted of second-degree statutory rape and second-degree statutory sodomy on Jan. 16 after a one-day trial before Circuit Court Judge Shane T. Alexander.

On Tuesday, Pelc was sentenced to two consecutive five-year terms in prison, according to Clay County Prosecutor Daniel L. White.

According to White, the victim was scheduled to work on June 22, 2016, but was allowed to go home early. Pelc contacted the girl through a mobile app called Whisper. Pelc arranged to have an Uber pick up the girl and drive her to the Claycomo fire station, where he worked as an EMT, White said.

Once the girl arrived, Pelc snuck her through a side door and ushered her to the shower upstairs, where the assault occurred, White said.

Afterward, Pelc left the fire station after receiving a service call.

Pelc told the girl to wait five minutes before leaving. "He got what he wanted; he dismissed her," White said.

The girl walked across the street to a fast-food restaurant where she fell and injured her arm. She called 911 and Pelc was in the ambulance who responded to the call.

The victim was treated at North Kansas City Hospital, where her mother was called. She eventually told her mother what happened.

"What a terrible case," White said in a statement. "The defendant brought the victim to his place of work, had sex with her and once done, left her on her own to find a way home."

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