Calif. Paramedic Students Train in Life-Like Scenarios

Turnover rates are high due to low pay for EMTs and paramedics.
Chicago Fire Department Capt. Daryl Moore, 55, apparently drowned after falling off a dock.
Student Aidan Spitzer raised $23K to buy trauma kits for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
The First Responder Emergency Extrication program teaches responders how to extricate occupants from today's advanced vehicles.
PatientCare Logistics Solutions plans to upgrade EMS technology in the Carthage, Mississippi area.
Rushville Fire Department is offering the service free of charge to patients.
A simulated plane crash at Rochester International Airport put emergency crews to the test.
Grady EMS aims to improve its services with a mobile integrated health vehicle, a pediatric transport vehicle, and inter-hospital transfer vehicles.
A vehicle collided with an ambulance en route to a call, injuring two paramedics and the occupants of the other vehicle.
Florence continues its path of destruction with at least 7 confirmed deaths and catastrophic flooding.
A roundup of the most interesting EMS media of the week. 
Jude Spellman received the 2018 ALS Practitioner of the Year Award for his contributions to the development of ALS in Pennsylvania.
Lisa Yee tracked down her rescuers to thank them for saving her life after a car crash left her with a traumatic brain injury.
Fifty people gathered to learn how to respond to an overdose and were given free Narcan kits.
The AHA urges people to be heart-smart during the storm with their quick tips.