Ill. Agency Converts Ambulance Into Simulator for EMS Students

New Haven first responders are burdened by the city's surge in heroin and K2 overdoses.
Alex Schneider's nine-year-old daughter stayed calm and called 9-1-1 when he started going into anaphylactic shock.
Pittsburgh EMS received the Gold Plus Achievement Award for diagnosing and transporting STEMI patients to a heart catheterization laboratory within 90 minutes.
The medics were evaluated for minor injuries after a fender bender.
A $3.1 million grant allows first responders to train friends and family of at-risk individuals how to administer naloxone and do CPR.
The awards will be presented on Tuesday, Oct. 30, in Nashville, Tennessee, and on Oct. 31, during EMS World Expo’s opening ceremony.
A man who was allegedly using methamphetamine smashed a fire station window with his arm.
Jeremiah Stoke, 37, was found dead after he was caught in the vortex, which reached winds up to 165 mph.
New London Fire Department will use the money for high angle rope rescue training and preventative measures against cancer.
Alvernia University invited EMS, firefighters, and police officers to conduct the drill along with campus security.
Teens can learn basic firefighting skills and CPR to prepare for careers as firefighters or EMTs.
A full-scale drill put emergency services and hospital personnel to the test.
Anniston EMS alleges Oxford EMS is unlawfully incorporated and is seeking compensation for lost business.
Paramedics and firefighters are taking part in weekly "Fitness with a Firefighter" workout classes to stay in shape for the job.
Campers were rescued by helicopters and boats when the river's water level rose 14 feet after 10 inches of rain fell overnight.