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°M Warmer System – Making the critical uncomplicated

The °M Warmer System - intuitive, portable and robust


Originally developed to meet the demands of the Special Forces in Europe and the US, the °M Warmer’s exceptional Danish design and quality ensures optimal performance every time. In spite of its small size and light weight, the °M Warmer is robust and sturdy, and can tolerate water and rough treatment. It is approved for use in ambulances, helicopters and airplanes.


The °M Warmer’s intuitive set-up means that it is ready for use in seconds. Even in extreme circumstances, the unique adhesive fixation solution drastically reduces the risk of compromising the IV-access, with the device attached close to the infusion site. The instant warming capability and high flow rate empower the user to quickly administer infusion fluid or warm blood to the trauma patient.


The °M Warmer’s unique features make warm blood transfusions at the site of an accident rapid, safe and reliable:

1. Intuitive use: The °M Warmer is fast and intuitive to use, with a total set-up time of less than 30 seconds. It fits to a standard IV giving set, and it cannot be assembled incorrectly.

2. High flow rates: The °M Warmer warms fluids – including blood –  from 41°F to 99°F at flow rates up to 150ml/min.

3. Large warming capacity: A single charge of the Power Pack can warm two liters of 41°F cold blood or four liters of ambient temperature fluid.

4. Portability: The system is lightweight and compact, with the total weight of the Power Pack and the °M Warmer ranging from 26.8 oz. to 28.9 oz.

5. Secure attachment: The unique patient fixation solution offers extra safety in extreme situations and ensures secure attachment close to the infusion site. This drastically reduces the risk of pulling out the catheter.

6. Instant warming: The system warms fluids or blood to 99°F in less than 10 seconds.


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