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MasterCast Tourniquet Trainer Sleeve

The MasterCast Tourniquet HYBRID Trainer sleeve and wound packer increase realism to improve trainee skill, confidence, and stress inoculation under pressure!

Used as a stand-alone Tabletop trainer or on a Standardized Patient-  this hybrid training sleeve does it all! 

Practice training skills, wound packing, tourniquet application in a skill station or take your MCI trainings to the next level by apply directly to a standardized patient, this hybrid power-packed sleeve, delivers!

Hollywood realism combined with military strong silicone simulates realistic wounds built for learner outcomes!  Each training sleeve provides multiuse static wounds (non-bleeding) or when connected to a blood pump, hemorrhagic realism for your training exercise.    Large lacerations and multi-GSW injuries provide forensic realism and skill practice for chest seals, wound packing or tourniquet application.  Blended learning exercise?  Sleeve quickly transforms between a static tabletop trainer for skill demonstration and wound packing competency.

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