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CAP 5 Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers


The UCapIt CAP 5 Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispenser is a customizable inventory management tool that helps address major supply room challenges. The CAP 5 holds up to 630 items that can be dispensed to EMS personnel based on customizable ID protocols. It can also prompt users for station or dispatch specific data. All supply withdrawals are catalogued, time stamped and regulated by tech clearance/training level.

EMS management can monitor and restock inventory at any time. The CAP 5 aggregates all dispensing history, creates a pick list for restocking and generates individual call reports based on products restocked. Managers can choose to receive automatic email or text message alerts regarding low stock, temperature variance, usage spikes, expiration dates or power loss.

  • Provides customizable dispensing and reporting options for individual agency needs
  • Accepts a variety of ID protocols, including individual pin numbers, proximity cards (RFID Reader), magnetic stripe cards, bar codes, biometrics or a combination of these methods
  • Helps monitor and track accountability for access to controlled substances, narcotics and pharmaceuticals
  • Helps ensure that items with expiration dates are used in a timely manner
  • Parrot Door - enables re-use of protective bags
  • Selections: 40 standard; configurable up to 64
  • Configurations: 630 items standard; capacity varies with tray configurations
  • Dimensions: 72 inch H x 41 inch W x 34 1/8 inch D
  • Shipping Weight: 628 lbs.
  • Custom Colors: Black is standard but available in other colors.
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