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Users can easily document and track exposures throughout the entirety of their career and into retirement. Documenting exposures, whether fire incidents, infectious disease, assaults, injuries and stressful or impactful calls, and flagging them for follow-up or results may help you down the road when you need to recall or export incidents. Stay in charge of your personal well-being with exposure records available at your fingertips.

Connecting Your ImageTrend Applications

For the first time ever, you can access data from all ImageTrend solutions you use at each organization you work at in one single mobile application. Designed for all users, not just administrators, Aware brings together vital information specific to you.

Users can view all active incidents occurring within the communities they serve, including incident details, assigned apparatus or vehicles and their response status, along with turn-by-turn directions to the scene. Aware extends the ability to connect to licensing repositories to view licenses and certifications, application statuses, associated services and the ability to verify user demographic or contact information. Stay in the know by receiving notifications and managing inbox messages all within Aware. Once released, ImageTrend Slate will connect with Aware to allow users to manage their schedules within the app.

Be in the know, be Aware.

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