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ImageTrend Elite™

ImageTrend Elite™ is a single solution designed for EMS agencies and fire departments with a fast, easy-to-use interface that works on Windows, Android and Apple tablets. As expected, you still get enterprise-ready capabilities, real-time validation rules, offline operation and world-class support in a cloud-based solution. Elite has also been fully certified NEMSIS 3 compliant from end to end, (for both “Collect Data” and “Send and Receive”); NFIRS also available.

  • A centralized, dynamic data warehouse with a scalable, open architecture for ever-changing and growing requirements
  • Full NEMSIS v3 compliancy (for both “Collect Data” and “Send and Receive”); NFIRS also available
  • Secure multi-tiered access to ensure and respect data privacy to HIPAA and other standards
  • Web-based online fire incident forms for data entry by all authorized personnel
  • A Data Exchange module that can interface with many different formats (including NEMSIS v3, EKG, CAD, billing, scheduling, and others)


And so much more. To learn more or to request a demo, visit

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