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Patient Care

January 19, 2021
Tactical Medical Solutions will provide more than 150,000 groundbreaking splints worldwide over the next three years.
December 08, 2020
Crisis standards could be coming, warn top state officials.
December 07, 2020
Social isolation is associated with increased risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, and premature death.
Blair Bigham, MD, MSc, EMT-P, December 06, 2020
The wrong kind of mushroom leads to tragic results.
Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP, FAHA, December 01, 2020
Does a low reading in the field have predictive value in trauma?
November 30, 2020
After two doses, trials show, the vaccine is 94% effective against the virus and 100% efficacious against severe cases.
Robert Conklin, MPA, NRP, MICP, November 29, 2020
Understand what the various shockable and nonshockable rhythms really mean.
Valerie Amato, NREMT, November 28, 2020
For some, major symptoms persist even after the coronavirus is cleared.
November 23, 2020
Fact: Kids bite into electrical cords. Happily, most will do just fine.
Leah Sobon, November 23, 2020
This finicky pulse point, also known as the dorsalis pedis artery, can be difficult to palpate.
November 19, 2020
You have until mid-January to sound off for the first revision since 2011.
Peter Antevy, MD, November 18, 2020
Do their conclusions really reflect the best evidence?
November 16, 2020
Facilities try to provide interpreters, but it often isn't enough.
November 16, 2020
The ARREST trial compared standard treatment with ECMO treatment in 30 people who suffered a cardiac arrest.
Raphael Poch, November 15, 2020
A father forgets his keys, and his daughter is locked inside.
Daniel Hu, PharmD, BCCCP, November 13, 2020
Fentanyl and nonpharmaceutical fentanyls are responsible for a large number of opioid overdoses.
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