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Medic Mindset: Degrees for Paramedics?

On this special episode of Ginger Locke's Medic Mindset, an all-star panel assembled January 9 at the NAEMSP's annual meeting in Austin to debate degree requirements for paramedics. Emergency physician Ed Racht moderated speakers who included prominent EMS leaders Mike McEvoy; Scott Bourn, PhD; and MDs David Tan, Phil Moy, Brandon Bleess, and Jason Pickett. 

Should medics have to have degrees? Sound off below or on social media. 



Submitted byMarkSelf on 01/10/2019

While I have no problem with Medics having a degree, No matter what other parts of the country may believe, EMS is a tax payer funded system and requiring a degree with do the following: Kill all interest in becoming a paramedic because you can make 3 times as much as a nurse with an AD degree! Programs around the country are already seeing the enrollment for students drop without the degree requirement. Certificate paramedics are far and above better providers as they already have the "street" experience when they graduate. The current generation of students lack the same dedication to the profession as other generations have had. I don't have an answer to this, but it certainly is not forcing a degree requirement on the nation. The "powers that be" may want to add to their kingdoms but can anyone demonstrate that accreditation and the ever increasing complexity of conducting paramedic programs has had a beneficial effect on paramedic practice? How long do we have to beat a horse before we kill it? Having done this for 43 years it is like the "Emperor's New Clothes" My view may not be popular but mark my words, a degree requirement will doom the paramedic programs as the services will not be able to afford them! And while we are on the subject. DO NOT even think of adding an accreditation requirement for AEMT level to this mess! Not now and not EVER!

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