Rescue the Rescuer: Episode #4

The Deputy Administrator of NHTSA praises the dedicated EMS professionals who provide expert medical care and—perhaps most important—a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on.
Lahiri Garcia and Paul Besaw were killed last June when Genaro De La Cruz Ajqui was driving drunk and crashed into their ambulance.
EMS practitioners and billing administrators are acknowledged for their impact on the industry.
Death and new life bookend a responder’s holiday feast. 
The paramedic for Northwell EMS and N.Y. Presbyterian EMS doesn't let aphasia and balance impairments deter him from helping people in need.
First responders and veterans are at a higher risk of developing substance abuse issues due to constant physical stress and exposure to trauma.
The founder of Hall Ambulance Service, Inc., is remembered for his kindness and dedication to his community and EMS employees.
Nine people were sent to the hospital after a medical emergency caused the driver of the fire truck to veer into oncoming traffic.
CTO Raj Nagaraj shares ways in which technology can help mitigate the impact of fatigue on firefighters.
Jason Karp has joined Secured Communications as Legal Counsel and Board Member.
The moment of silence will be observed during the National EMS Memorial Service held each year.
Philadelphia firefighter and EMT Brian F. Dolan, 45, was helping a friend with home maintenance work when he fell from a ladder.
Steven Hlinsky, 46, was airlifted to a hospital when he was left bleeding from his ear and nose after someone assaulted him at a bar.
Firefighter Jesse Gomez spoke to Boston firefighters about the importance of seeking help for job-related PTSD.
When Holly Heitmann told her husband to pull over en route to the hospital, Kyle put on his EMT hat to help deliver their baby boy.